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ERASMUS+ Cultivating Social Responsibility

Raport from poland - DAY 7

   October 12th, Saturday

On that day the Erasmus + Project - activities in Koło-Poland came to an end with bidding farewell to foreign students and hoping for this beautiful cultural exchange opportunity to continue.

Raport from poland - DAY 6

October 11th, Friday

     Just before closing ceremony all pupils and teachers presented their common dance. Then there was a presentation of the final products, the evaluation of the students exchange. Certificates were given for the participants of the project.

The day concluded with tasting of Polish national dishes and local products prepared by parents. Students also took part of the last workshop, integration and sport activitiers for teachers and pupils.

Raport from poland - DAY 5

October 10th, Thursday

   On that day the participants of the program enjoyed workshops in House of Culture: pantomime lesson with a professional actress and clay molding. After that at school they made a poster for hospice and integration: teaching of “Polonaise” dance.  

Raport from Poland - DAY 4

October 9th, Wednesday

      It was a day-trip to Toruń – students have visited medieval city of Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish astronomer. They saw a movie “Macrocosmos” in Planetary, and enjoyed city sightseeing and city game. The special highlight was workshops at Gingerbread Museum and Factory.

Raport from Poland - DAY 3

October 8th Tuesday

     Students were involved in a project activity at SOSW - school for children with special needs. Then, in School nr 2 in Koło they had a meeting with a representative of hospice and they planted Daffodills of Hope. At the afternoon pupils had a lots of activities and excursions with families

Raport from Poland - DAY 2

October 7th Monday


      At 9:00 students and teachers met at Szkoła Podstawowa nr 2 in Koło. Before the opening ceremony we had pupils and teacher integration: common dance and plays,  presentation of polish traditional dance “polonaise”. Erasmus + "Cultivating Social Responsibility" started with opening ceremony by the headmaster Waldemar Pietrzak and coordinator Michał Perzyński.

Raport from Poland - DAY 1

October 6th Sunday

The participants had arrived. The teenagers and teachers traveled to Koło by planes and by bus - our friend from Slovakia visited Cracow - former capital of Poland. In Koło - host families greeted students from Slovakia, Turkey, Northern Macedonia and Romania and took them to their homes. Tomorrow they will participate in activities of the project Cultivating Social Responsibility.




Raport from Romania - DAY 7

May 25th Saturday

Time to say goodbye... 

Raport from Romania - DAY 6

May 24th Friday

The last day of our activities in Iasi: music workshop, closing ceremony with certificates for students and teachers. Presenting the things created during whole week, sharing opinions. And... tears to say good bye...

Raport from Romania - DAY 5

May 23th Thursday

Nothing like a road trip to know each other: students and teachers visited Ruginoasa Palace and Cetatuia Monastery. 




Raport from Romania - DAY 4

May 22th Wednesday

Social Responsibility workshop: watching movies, discussion, making gifts for children.  Visit of “Mia Casa Inculet” Daycare Center for Disadvantages Children.

Raport from Romania - DAY 3

May 21th Tuesday

Arts workshop, visit of “Stefan Pavelcu” Special Technical High School  and Palace of Culture.

Raport from Romania - DAY 2

May 20th Monday

Warm-up workshop and first meeting of all participants in “Ionel Teodoreanu” School, Opening Ceremony, presentation of schools and countries.

Raport from Romania - DAY 1

May 19th Sunday

The teenagers and teachers travel to Romania by planes. For some it was a very, very long yourney, but finally they arrived to Iasi. 

Raport from Slovakia - DAY 7

March 9th Saturday

In the morning we will bid farewell to friends and host families and a travel home from Nove Zamky to Koło. At 6:00pm students will reunite with their parents and finish this amazing adventure.  


Raport from Slovakia - DAY 6

March 8th Friday

Students presents projects done by them, and then an evaluation of the short-term student exchange will take place. Afterwards - closing ceremony with awarding certificates of  Erasmus +  Cultivating Social Responsibility.

Raport from Slovakia - DAY 5

March 7th Thursday


Students’ activities for the projects – team-work:


  • - making posters with poems for the children with special needs, intended to give them courage and support in their life.
  • - t-shirts with logo Erasmus + and many other ideas.


Project meeting for teachers and attending project activities by teachers.


Raport from Slovakia - DAY 4

March 6th Wednesday

Trip to Bratislava – sightseeing, including Devin Castle, old town of Bratislava, historical centre, Danube river and countryside. 

Raport from Slovakia - DAY 3

March 5th Tuesday

Project activity for students “Kindness Rocks” – teenagers paint stones in different colors and write encouraging words on them, egz. “You are perfect”, “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud”, “Be your own kind of beautiful” etc. Project meeting for teachers.

Raport from Slovakia - DAY 2

March 4th Monday

Erasmus+ "Cultivating Social Responsibility" openning ceremony -  in Katolicka Spojena Skola in Nove Zamky by the headmaster Katarina Hozralova and coordinator Adriana Sajtosowa. After that school tour and visiting different classes, then a short gig with songs and dance. Afterward a presentation of project partners from Slovakia, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey and Poland.